Yiwu International Trade City Resumes Work

Post Time: 2020-02-25
      On February 18, with strict control measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, District One and District Two of the Yiwu International Trade City were allowed to resume work. Early in the morning, shop owners of the trade city came to open the doors, clean up, and greet customers. Industries such as toys, home appliances, and jewelry are already off to a good start.

“36.5°, 36.6°, normal. Please show your ID card and health QR code,” said the device set at the west gate of District One, where the shop owners were waiting to access the building after their temperature check and identity verification.

There are 16 gates in Districts One and Two, and each gate is equipped with intelligent devices such as infrared thermometers. All the visitors must get their temperature taken and go through identity verification supported by big data analysis and smart information platforms. Multiple infrared thermometers are working in real time while people walk through the gates. If a person’s body temperature is higher than 37.3°, the device will automatically sound an alarm.

Pan Fengdi, a business owner engaged in the toy industry, came to her store located at District One. She was cleaning and tidying up products on the shelves. Before the trade city resumed work, buyers from Russia and Romania had already placed orders with her, and the factories were ready for production. At present the most important task is catching up from the extended break.

Liu Pingjuan, a shop owner from District Two, said confidently, “I believe the impact caused by the coronavirus will only last temporarily. Strict control and measures guarantee a safe and secure environment for business. We will develop new markets, explore creative business models, and make every effort to make up for the losses.”

Ding Xingjuan, chairwoman of the Yiwu Chamber of Commerce of Accessory and Jewelry Industry, said, “Yiwu has a huge market, a highly efficient and convenient logistics system, and the advantage of low cost. As more companies are returning to work, Yiwu’s market will soon thrive again.” On WeChat, she sent messages to invite customers to Yiwu. In addition, Ding and other members of the Chamber of Commerce volunteered to disseminate information on how to prevent the coronavirus in the Trade City. In order to ensure safety and stability during the re-opening, Yiwu is implementing a closed-unit management system in the Trade City, taking the experience of China International Import Expo as a guide.

Veronica, a buyer from Mexico, has been doing business in China for three years. Learning that the Yiwu International Trade City has opened again, she flew from Hong Kong to Yiwu. After reading the opening announcement, she immediately submitted a health application form, filling in details such as health status, record of contact with others, travel history, travel plans, and other information. “Strict prevention and control measures are for the sake of everyone’s health. I believe all customers coming to Yiwu will be understanding. I will still introduce my friends to Yiwu,” said Veronica. (By Wu Fengyu, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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