CRE Assists Foreign Trade Resume

Post Time: 2020-03-20
      On March 14, CRE train X9017 left Jinhua South for Central Asia after a day of loading. Carrying 90 TEUs loaded with made-in-China products, such as power tools, machinery and equipment, stationery, daily necessities, clothing, and socks, the train transported goods valued at about 3 million USD. In about five days, the train will reach its final destination in Kazakhstan. This was the fourth CRE train to depart to Central Asia from Jinhua last week.

The Jinhua-Central Asia CRE line has registered 20 trains traveling so far this year, shipping 1806 TEUs, at a yearly increase of 66%. From March 1-14, a total of seven trains to Central Asia departed, shipping 632 TEUs, at a yearly increase of 243%. This was a major factor that effectively helped Jinhua and other domestic foreign trade companies to resume operations along international logistics channels.

In the past few days, Luo Jianyuan, deputy general manager of Mid-Zhejiang International Logistics Development Co., Ltd.—the company in charge of the Jinhua-Central Asia CRE train—has been busy with work at the Jinhua South Station, “This year, although affected by the epidemic, cargo trains to Central Asian countries were finally launched on February 13.” Mr. Luo said that this shows that with the cooperation of transportation, commerce, customs, railway and other departments, the Jinhua-Central Asia trains have effectively coordinated and launched transportation despite the epidemic outbreak and ensured trade of goods and key livelihood materials.

The Jinhua-Central Asia CRE Railway was first opened on August 31, 2017, and is an important operating platform for the Jinhua municipal government to focus on promoting the development of local foreign trade economy and integrating into the Belt and Road Initiative. Crossing the borders at the Alashankou or Khorgas ports in Xinjiang, the trains reach up to five Central Asian countries. As of 2019, Jinhua Customs had supervised a total of 173 trains and 14,320 TEUs bonded for Central Asia. The goods volume registered about 3.6 billion RMB. At present, CRE trains to Central Asia normally operate 2-3 times per week.

Mr. Luo explained that with the smooth implementation of the BRI, the CRE Jinhua-Central Asia trains are expected to reach 220 trips this year, doubling the number from last year. In addition to the five countries in Central Asia this year, there are plans to introduce cargo trains connecting Jinhua with France and Russia. (By Fang Qunqing, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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