China Mail Parcel Transport via CRE

Post Time: 2020-04-07


 On March 27, a load of anti-pandemic supplies and small commodities parcels set off for Madrid, Spain from Yiwu via the China Mail X8020 of the China Railway Express (CRE). This signifies the resumption of normalized operations for China Mail business. 

The cargo train is loaded with more than 200,000 parcels from Zhejiang Province, including face masks, protective suits, accessories, clothing, shoes, hats, and more. It exited China through the port of Alataw Pass and will arrive in Madrid after 16 days. 

As the pandemic is spreading all over the world, international flights have been canceled in many countries. It is difficult for China Mail to deliver parcels, including anti-pandemic supplies, from Zhejiang to Europe by air. In order to support the delivery of anti-pandemic supplies and daily necessities to the international market, and to meet the requirements of China-Europe international mail transportation, the Chinese railway department has taken on the responsibility of international mail delivery from Zhejiang Province to Europe.

The CRE has been transporting parcels for China Mail since January 24, 2018. To date, it has run 24 times, carrying 62 TEUs in total. (By Dong Bishui, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler) 

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