Parcel Transport to Poland via CRE

Post Time: 2020-04-17


 On April 10, a load of 50 containers of postal parcels from Zhejiang, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and Fujian weighing more than 350 tons set off for Marašević, Poland from Yiwu West Station via the China Railway Express (CRE). It will arrive in Marašević after 13 days, whereupon the parcels will be distributed to 23 European countries, including Spain, Britain, Germany, and Italy. 

This postal train is loaded with products made in Eastern China, including face masks, protective suits, accessories, clothing, shoes, hats, and more. Marašević is a transportation hub connecting the European Union with Central Asia and Russia, and acts as a distribution hub for the CRE in Europe. The Yiwu-Marašević CRE has become an important channel for postal transportation from China to European countries.

Due to the pandemic, Chinas international flight capacity has declined, affecting the transportation of exported parcels. Therefore, the Yiwu Branch of China Post connected with Yiwu Customs and arranged the CRE postal train within just 10 days, with the support of the Yiwu Market Development Committee, China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Branch of China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., China Railway Express Service Group Co., Ltd. and other relevant departments and companies.

According to statistics, from January 1 to April 9, the CRE ran 96 times carrying a total of 8114 TEUs, an increase of 70.2% year-on-year. “Although the international economy and trade is confronting serious challenges under the impact of the pandemic, the CRE shows a trend of growth, said a staff member from the railway department. Smooth and safe train transportation between China and Europe and the regular and stable operation of the CRE is of great significance to reducing the impact of the pandemic on the global industrial supply chain, promoting cross-border transportation and services, and rebuilding confidence in international economic and trade development. 

On April 10, the Yiwu Branch of China Post also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Yiwu Port Co., Ltd., and the two parties will strengthen their shipping cooperation. The Zhejiang Branch of China Post has established a complete international logistics system in Yiwu, including sea, land, and air transport. (By Luo Hongting, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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