Shanghai Customs Opens Up CRE Postal Route

Post Time: 2020-04-28
      At 1:30 pm on April 22, seven container trucks of the Shanghai Post Company arrived at the International Mail Exchange Bureau on Hutai Road, carrying 48.5 tons of products to be transported to Central Europe through the CRE railway. Customs officers of the post office affiliated with Shanghai Customs performed the relevant inspection, such as checking vehicle number plates, container numbers, and the number of pouches to be carried. Consequently, the officers stamped and released the customs declaration and sealed the containers ready for departure.

On the same day, the vehicles successively left the site of the interchange bureau bound for the Yiwu West Railway Station. On the route from Yiwu to Central Europe, the convoy will exit China from the Korgas Port, go through Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus to arrive in Lithuania.

Affected by COVID-19, a large number of international airline flights have been suspended and reduced, dropping the logistical capacity significantly and seriously impacting on the shipment of outbound international mail. “With air transportation facing obstacles, it’s time to turn to railway transport,” was the proposal of postal departments for customs, indicating that outbound mail to Europe should be temporarily transported by railway and that the CRE train works well as an emergency solution.

As place of departure, the Shanghai Post Office Customs stamps and releases the paper transfer forms and mail waybills, seals the shipping containers, and supervises the transfer to Yiwu where the CRE trains depart for their final destinations. Under such circumstances, the customs of Shanghai Post Bureau has effectively carried out various supervision services for entry and exit postal delivery channels.

For the inbound mail channels, the Party Central Committee and the State Council firmly implemented deployments for epidemic prevention, and opened up a green channel to effectively check and release postal parcels with anti-epidemic items. Such mailing channels have met the requirements for serving socioeconomic purposes.

Similarly, to actively support postal enterprises and solve outbound mail delivery issues, special channels have been designed: since the first CRE mail supervised shipment completed on April 3 to April 22, a total of 99 CRE mail containers have been supervised and 44,871 pieces of outbound mail have been exported. At present, nearly half of the European outbound mail backlog at the Shanghai Post Port has been managed. It is expected that by the end of May, the shipping of European outbound mail will be basically completed. (By Guo Jianfeng—Xinmin Evening News, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Mariam Ayad)

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