Renmo Hongshi Cement Project

Post Time: 2020-05-14
    On May 8, Renmo Hongshi Cement Co., Ltd. in Indonesia, enjoying a festive atmosphere, held an opening ceremony for a production line completed on schedule that will yield a daily output of 8000-ton cement clinker.

Renmo Hongshi Cement Co., Ltd. is the third Belt & Road (B&R) large-scale cement company that Hongshi Group has put into operation, following Vientiane Hongshi Co., Ltd. in Laos and Hongshi Hope Co., Ltd. in Nepal. It is also the first cement production project in Indonesia. The project will play a significant role in enhancing the Group’s overall strength in Indonesia and cater to the demand of Indonesia’s market for high-grade cement.

Hu Shuguang, chairman of Renmo Hongshi Cement Co., Ltd. in Indonesia, delivered a speech on behalf of the Group, expressing his gratitude to the Indonesian governments at all levels, the surrounding villages, people of all walks of life, and all the construction workers who supported the construction of Renmo Hongshi Cement Co., Ltd.

Ma Yi, project manager of Sinoma Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, said that Sinoma and Hongshi Group have actively responded to the nation’s call to “go global” and participated in the B&R project. With the support of governments and departments at all levels in China and Indonesia, Renmo Hongshi has successfully built a cement production line at an advanced international level despite the impact of the pandemic, which was the fruit of sincere cooperation between the two sides in the face of many difficulties. Ma expressed sincere hope to continue to strengthen cooperation between Sinoma and Hongshi, and reach even greater achievements through mutually beneficial cooperation. (Translated by Zhang Jiajia, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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