Hongshi Group’s Project in Indonesia

Post Time: 2020-05-19

On May 8, Jember Hongshi Cement Co., Ltd. in Indonesia held an opening ceremony for a production line that will yield a daily output of 8000 tons of cement clinker. This is another Belt and Road (B&R) project invested in by the Hongshi Group, now that its projects in Laos and Nepal have been completed and put into operation.

The Jember Hongshi project, with a total investment of $300 million USD, is Hongshi Group’s first project to implement its international strategy in Indonesia. It is located in Jember, East Java, covering an area of about 123 acres. With its mine reserves of about 150 million tons, it is expected to have an annual output of 3 million tons of high-strength cement due to the completion of a production line with a daily output of 8000 tons of cement clinker and a low-temperature waste-heat-to-power generation system. This project will generate more than 450 jobs for locals and promote the development of related industries such as logistics.

Since 2013, the Hongshi Group has implemented an international strategy on the basis of its domestic cement business, actively devoting itself to the B&R initiative. It has invested in the construction of cement projects in countries along the B&R in Southeast Asia and brought them world-class cement technology, equipment, and knowledge of environmental protection and management.

Hongshi Group’s international strategy has been focusing on Southeast Asia, putting Vientiane Hongshi Co., Ltd. in Laos (with an investment of $300 million USD) and Hongshi Hope Co., Ltd. in Nepal (with an investment of $350 million USD) into production in 2018. Both have achieved success in production and sales. (By Chen Zhiheng, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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