Jinhua-Moscow CRE Launches

Post Time: 2020-07-08

On the afternoon of July 1, carrying 100 TEUs, the X75056/5 China Railway Express (CRE) departed from Jinhua South Station heading for Moscow, 10252 kilometers away. This is the second international line originating in Jinhua after the Jinhua-Central Europe CRE Railway that opened in September 2017, and Jinhua South Station was the second freight station opened for CRE trains in Zhejiang after Yiwu West Station.

The first Jinhua-Moscow CRE train was loaded with chemical fiber fabric, toys, auto parts, and various household items, with a total value of $4.3 million USD. It will arrive in Moscow via Manchuria after 11 days, which is half the time shipping would take. After the resumption of normalized operations, two trains will run the route every day.

In April of this year, Zhejiang Harbor Investment Operation Co., Ltd., and Jinhua Communications Investment Group Co., Ltd., invested jointly to set up Zhejiang Harbor International Transportation Co., Ltd. The newly established platform in Jinhua aims to develop high-quality Central Europe CRE trains as well as Central Asia CRE Trains, and to increase the number of CRE trains traveling to and from Europe, including opening routes to Russia, Belarus, and France. This year, Jinhua seeks to run 570 CRE trains. (By Ma Jinbiao, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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