A Round-Trip CRE Arrives in Jinhua

Post Time: 2020-07-28

At 8:30 on July 13, the 75092 AnzebiYiwu China Railway Express (CRE), which was loaded with 86 TEUs of wooden planks imported from Russia, arrived at Jinhua South Station. Carrying 1612 tons of goods, it traveled more than 8650 kilometers for 16 days and arrived in Jinhua via Erenhot Port. This is the third round-trip run of a CRE train on the route opened by Jinhua in just 22 days.

Since the combination of the Jinhua-Europe (Central Asia) China Railway Express Co. Ltd. and Zhejiang Seaport International Intermodal Transport Co., Ltd. in April this year, the pattern of one-way train runs was successfully transformed into a round-trip pattern with the two months’ joint efforts of China Railway Shanghai Bureau Group Co., Ltd., Shanghai Branch of China Railway Container Transport Co., Ltd., Jinhua-Europe (Central Asia) China Railway Express Co. Ltd., and Jinhua Customs. The Jinhua-Europe (Central Asia) CRE routes now cover most countries in Central Asia and the countries and regions accessible by European railways.

To date, CRE trains have carried 4,400 TEUs abroad and brought back 5,578 TEUs. This year, it seeks to run 300 CRE trains, and the accumulated trains to Europe and Central Asia will reach 570, which will develop the import and export trade and export-oriented economy in the Yangtze River Delta region, especially Zhejiang, and ensure the stability of the international supply chain. (By Zhou Xuan, translated by Wei Han, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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