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2015 Jinhua Municipal Government Work Report
Review of Work in 2014
1.The economy was stable and improved
2. Breakthroughs were made in major reforms
3. The living environment improved remarkably
4. Rapid Advancement of Urban Construction
5. Continuous improvement of people’s livelihood
Arrangements of Major Work in 2015
Accelerating Building a Law-Abiding Government
1. Reform advancement to increase the vitality of development
2. We will stabilize the growth to maintain the momentum of catch-up development
3. We will restructure the economy to establish the system of modern industries
4. We will promote the innovation to improve the quality and efficiency of devel...
5. We will improve the environmental conditions to accelerate the construction o...
6. We will accelerate the construction to increase the level of new urbanization
7. We will revitalize the countryside to balance the development of urban and ru...
8. We will improve the livelihood to increase people’s happiness.
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