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Jinhua People's Theater

Introduction   Business hour: 10:00-24:00   Per capita expenditure: RMB 20

Located in the intersection of West Street, Xinhua Street and Cultural Road Interchange, 

Jinhua People's Theater is a modern, multi-hall and combined type professional theater. 

There are four small and large video halls, 

with music cafe lounge, karaoke box and internet bar. The reasonable design among halls, 

advanced facilities and various styles meet the entertainment demands of audiences from different circles.

 Wuzhou Hall, a luxury movie hall, is equipped with 550 seats and a 16-meter wide screen, 

which is the second largest one in the province. 

With the technology of British Dolby digital stereo reproduction, 

it creates vivid stereo sound and large and clear pictures, which gives an immersive experience to audiences.

Tel: 0579-82317682


Fu Tai Long Theater

Introduction   Business hour: 10:00-24:00   Per capita expenditure: RMB 30

Located in 4th floor, No. 777 Binhong Road, the most bustling commercial street of Jinhua,

 Fu Tai Long Digital Theater is the first U.S. Dolby-certified digital cinema in Jinhua,

 covering an area of over 1,000 square meters. To meet the latest requirements for urban cultural life, 

the theater experienced fire-new transformation and decoration in line with the three-star

 standards with an investment of RMB 4.8 million. 

Currently, it is equipped with five professional video halls,two of which are srd digital stereo halls and 

the others are sr stereo analog halls, with a total of 580 seats. 

The latest digital technology will allow audiences to say farewell to old movies.

The theater is under the management of JinHua DaHua Film and TV Culture Communication Co., Ltd. 

specialized in movie business administration for many years. 

The movies remain synchronized with those of the national firstrun theaters,

 allowing you to experience fashion and unique movies anytime with its rich programs and courteous services.

Tel: 0579-82065095/0579-82065081/13735792000


 Wan Fu Theater

Introduction   Business hour: 8:00-22:00   Per capita expenditure:

Located in the fourth floor of the Huafeng International Building, Yongkang, Zhejiang, 

the first modern all-digital multi-hall theater in Yongkang, will be grandly opened in early 2010. 

The theater has seven halls equipped with a total of over eight hundred seats. The launch of the theater will 

provide Yongkang citizens with the latest movies and imported epics synchronized

 with the world as those of major cities. 

Located in the downtown area, Wan Fu Theater in Yongkang, 

built in accordance with the fivestar theater standard, will offer the public a good place 

for leisure and entertainment, 

and make efforts to further enrich the cultural life of common people.

Tel: 0579-87321888

Jinhua Grand Theater


Jinhua Grand Theater is a public institution, which was originally located in 

the most prosperous Xinhua Street Center of Jinhua. 

Founded in 1960 and renovated in 1979 and 1986, 

it was the most important performance and show place at that time, with 1095 seats, 

basic stage lighting and audio equipment.

 The theater has received performances of domestic and foreign major cultural groups and 

famous actors (foreign countries: Russia, Austria, Finland and Congo. Domestic: Beijing, 

Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou and Shaanxi).

 The theater is mainly engaged in theatrical performances and movie projection, 

with sideline in video, dance halls, guest houses, video games, restaurants and other business. 

From 1988 to 2002, it won the municipal civilized unit and provincial credit unit consecutively.

In response to the call of the municipal party committee and the municipal government, 

Jinhua Grand Theatre actively supported the government's old city reconstruction plan, 

and transferred to a new theater at the end of 2003 for further development, 

providing a highquality cultural entertainment place for the public. During the transition, 

the theater didn't stop fulfilling the culture publicity function, 

and made full use of their own advantages and professional technology and equipment 

to turn to the mobile movie screening and performance according to local conditions,

 walking out of the theatre into schools, factories, villages and communities to continue to serve the public. 

Currently, the theatre has a set of necessary sound and lighting devices for 

mobile performance and mobile movie screening equipment, including three sets of digital projectors, 

two sets of 35cm projectors, 

which provide it with perfect technical equipment and strong technical force.

Business description: comprehensive cultural facilities integrating opera, dance, drama, symphony, 

concert and other large artistic performance functions

Tel: 0579-82324986


Fu Tai Long Heaven KTV


Fu Tai Long Heaven KTV with coordinated services, the first professional Discount KTV in Jinhua,

with Japan-imported PRODIO sound system, is a leader in business and hardware of Jinhua KTV.

Tel: 0579-82065751POP KTV Big World

Introduction   Business hour: 14: 00-02: 00  Per capita expenditure: RMB 50

Thanks to the first-class facilities and environment, top imported dedicated audio, extensive box,

and fashionable layout, it is an ideal place for singing. In the POP KTV with coordinated services,

you will receive constant greetings and waiters’ friendly smiles, which allows you to feel care from

relatives or friends rather than being served. Once you choose us, we will try even harder.

Tel: 0579-82339968

Jinhua Karide KTV

Introduction   Business hour: 12:00-02:00   Per capita expenditure: RMB 50

Karide KTV adheres to the business philosophy of creating China’s first-class brand of healthy entertainment

with best service. Karide KTV Yintai Store in Jinhua covers an area of 4,000 square meters with more than 90 boxes.

Tel: 0579-82330000/0579-777

Gold King KTV

ntroduction   Business hour: 12:00-0:00   Per capita expenditure: RMB 50

Yiwu Gold King KTV opened in 2007, has 100 KTV boxes and an extra large music auditorium

which can accommodate 100 guests.

The KTV uses LG's digital plasma ultra-thin flat-screen color TVs, which are concise and clear.

More than 15,000 songs can be chosen via advanced digital computer.

It is known as a higher-level and large entertainment venue

in Yiwu for its luxurious interiors and complete facilities. Gold King KTV is an ideal place for entertainment,

business meetings and birthday parties.

Tel: 0579-85250377

Blue Giant Star KTV

Introduction   Business hour: 9: 00-2: 00   Per capita expenditure: RMB 50

With entertainment concept of Health, Fashion, Trend and Taste, stylish and elegant environment, distinctive style,

unparalleled sound system, unique and excellent service, popular consumer standards and introduction

of the characteristic buffet KTV mode, it leads a fashionable buffet KTV trend in Jinhua.

It is the highest-level and fashionable KTV with coordinated services in Jinhua,

which integrates dining and entertainment.

Tel: 0579-82566666

Melody KTV

Introduction   Business hour: 12:00-02:00   Per capita expenditure: RMB 50

Reservation hotline: 82394848 qq: 9748888

Healthy entertainment concept, elegant environment, unique sound system, super five-star service

and low-cost consumer standard of Melody KTV make it   popular among the masses,

so it is known as the "KTV of common people".

Tel: 0579-82394848

QQ group: 9748888

PolyGram KTV

Introduction   Business hour: 18: 00-2: 00   Per capita expenditure: RMB 50

Located in No. 577 Li Yu Road, Jinhua (Shixin Shoe Town 4-5th layer), PolyGram International Elite Club,

with more than 60 boxes with different styles and sizes, international top brand bmb sound system,

luxury high-end decoration, world-class facilities and services, is suitable for family gatherings,

birthday parties and business gatherings. Therefore, it is an ideal place for entertainment.

Free singing without time limits for certain consumption.

Tel: 0579-83932666


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