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West Railway Station

Consultation Tel: 0579-84974232

Introduction: Located at Houfeng Road, Wucheng District, Jinhua, it bears the organizing operations of two passenger train lines of Jin-Qian and Jin-Wen, as well as the interchange business for passengers at the two lines transfering to Zhe-Gan trains. There are contact lines to Jinhua (freight), East Jinhua Station and Dongxiao Station.

【Buses past West Railway Station: No. K15, K19, K37, 5, 11, 24, 16, 38, 304, 310, 317, 330, 339 and 350】


South Railway Station

Consultation Tel: 0579-82150127

Introduction: Located in Machetang Village, Dongxiao Town, the Jindong District, Jinhua, it is the main station on Jinhua-Wenzhou railway transport line; there are 16 buses leading to South Railway Station.


Train Ticket Outlets

Train Station Ticket Hall    Tel: 0579-84974232

Jiangnan Jinfa Plaza    Tel: 0579-84972361

Jiangbei No. 1 Department Store   Tel: 0579-82320342   Address: No. 159 Xishi Street

Zhejiang Normal University Luojiatang   Tel: 0579-84974420   Address: opposite to Bank of China, Luojiatang


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