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Syrian Actor in Yiwu
Post Time: 15/06/2017

  On the afternoon of June 6, the TV drama Xuanwumen was filmed in Qinggongyuan, Hengdian World Studios in Yiwu. Mike, an amateur actor from Syria, played in four scenes of Xuanwumen, along with famous actors Ren Zhong and Wang Jian. He only had few lines, yet he played vividly.

  Mike came to Yiwu in April 2014. Because of his handsome appearance and proficiency in Chinese, some of his friends encouraged him to “give acting a try” at Hengdian World Studios. Since then, Mike has appeared in more than ten TV dramas, such as The Big Shot, The War of Nüjiang River, and Break Out. His salary has been increased from hundreds of yuan per day to thousands of yuan per day.

  “I’m still a businessman in Yiwu, most of the time, and I only go to Hengdian when there is a suitable role for me. I hope that I can make my way, through hard work, dedication, effort, to riches and success in China,” said Mike. (By Qian Xusheng, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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