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Italian Art at Yiwu Museum
Post Time: 26/06/2017

  On the morning of May 17, an exhibition of pop art by the famous Italian artist Marco Santaniello opened at the Yiwu Museum. This exhibition was hosted by the Publicity Department of the Yiwu Municipal Party Committee; the Yiwu Municipal Bureau of Culture, Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television; and the Fotang Management Committee of Culture and Tourism, and co-hosted by the Yiwu Museum and the Yiwu Rongxiang Art Gallery. Over 200 people attended the opening ceremony, including Wang Ying, vice chairman of the Yiwu Political Consultative Conference, officials from relevant departments, domestic artists, collectors, entrepreneurs, and dilettantes.

       Marco Santaniello, many of whose works have been collected by several famous international institutions, graduated from University of Perugia in Italy. As Yiwu grows increasingly well-known around the world, more and more people in culture and art circles from China and abroad visit this city, and Santaniello is one of them. He first came to Yiwu in May of 2016 and was attracted by its unique charm, so he visited several times more. After one year’s pondering and studying, Santaniello created a series of works which reflect the history and culture of Yiwu, and embody the contemporary spirit of the city. This exhibition displays ten of his works particularly created for Yiwu, and sixteen others made all over the world.

       This series of works has a strong visual impact and lively form, and employs pop art techniques, representing international styles of art. The works also dig deep into the culture of Yiwu, thoroughly combining local and international culture. These exhibits view this ancient town, the city of merchandise, its cultural heritage, and the current condition of people living there, from a modern perspective. They can promote cultural exchange and the internationalization of Yiwu, and improve the cultural taste of the city via the force of international cultural trends. (Translated by Luo Shuru, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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