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Work Permit Issuing to Foreigner Improved
Post Time: 09/10/2017

        Since the Foreign Expert Certificate and the Foreigners’ Employment Permit were combined into one certificate on April 1, the Human Resource Social Insurance Bureau of Jinhua has offered the following improvements to their services: online application, time-sensitive application acceptance, and real-time checks for foreigners who want to work in China through the online platform Service System for Foreigners Working in China. Therefore, the construction of an effective and convenient management system for foreigners working in China has been sped up.

       So far, the Bureau has dealt with 1147 applications, including 55 permit notifications for foreigners working in China, 101 work permits for foreigners, and five provisional work permits; it has also examined 163 account registrations for employment units and accepted 154. Currently, there are over 300 foreign experts working in Jinhua and putting their professional strengths, marketing and management skills, and global visions to good use. The “Foreigner’s Work Permit” has now replaced the previous Foreign Expert Certificate and the Foreigners’ Employment Permit, and every foreigner will have his or her own permanent code, making possible the dynamic management of the work experience and credit records of foreigners working in China. (By Hu Zhenan, translated by Luo Shuru, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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