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Foreigner Funds Orphan in Jinhua
Post Time: 01/12/2017

Swiss man Peter Aeschlimann is 69 years old. On the evening of November 12, he visited Wuliting (a residence for abandoned children) in the Maple Community of Jinhua for the third time. This time, he also brought donations from his Swiss friends.

In 2013, Peter studied Chinese in Beijing for 3 months and then continued his Chinese studies in Shanghai for another two months. Peter is interested in many aspects of Chinese culture, including Chinese food, calligraphy, and history.

In October of 2015, he learned about the story of Wulitingfrom an online report, and it made a deep impression on him. In the story, a couple living by collecting recycled materials adopts over 35 abandoned children in their lifetime.

In early April of this year, Peter found Wuliting in Jinhua and determined to pay the living and education costs for Qilin, the youngest child in the Wuliting family. Fortunately, Peter’s family and friends were very supportive when he explained his charity plan. Peter will provide the basic necessities for the child, excluding extravagant things. I’d love to buy toys for Qilin, but I will definitely not buy him an iPad,” Peter joked. (By Li Yan, translated by Kang Meiling, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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