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Chinese Learning Becomes Popular
Post Time: 03/01/2018

With the promotion of the Belt and Road Initiative and the operation of Yiwu international cargo trains, Yiwu has become a transportation hub and purchasing center, which attracts many foreign businessmen. During the day, they work at the markets; at night, they go to Chinese training centers to learn Chinese.

According to a director from Yiwu Hasen Foreign Languages Training School, the number of Chinese learners has greatly increased since the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative. Most of the students are foreign businessmen living in Yiwu. To date, the school has more than 3000 students.

A similar increase happened in Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College. In 2007, it had only four international students; in 2017, the number jumped to 1125 students, with 80% of them coming from countries along the Belt and Road. (By Jin Ye, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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