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Remembering History and Facing the Future
Post Time: 05/01/2018

Since the series report of “The 20th Anniversary of the Lawsuit against Japanese Biological Aggression” was first published in September 2017, much attention has been drawn to the topic.

Today many people are still concerned about the lawsuit. In Yiwu, Jin Zuhui, a 99-year-old plaintiff, is still concerned about the lawsuit; in Quzhou, Ye Saizhou, an 87-year-old plaintiff, says he will do what he can to tell the truth to more people; in Ningbo, Hu Zhongxian who is also one of the plaintiffs has been to Japan three times as a witness in court and is still narrating the history of Japanese biological aggression to teenagers; in Changde, Li Honghua, an 88-year-old plaintiff, tried to apply to establish a monument for victims of Japanese biological aggression.

At the Japanese Biological Aggression Exhibition Center in Yiwu, a number of elderly people take turns being on duty to explain the history of Japanese biological aggression. In Japan, many Japanese lawyers with a sense of justice like Ichise Keiichirou are providing legal aid for the Chinese plaintiff team. In addition, they have come to China to do field studies about Japanese biological aggression in China and raise transport fees for underprivileged plaintiffs to go to Japan to serve as witnesses in court.

President Xi Jinping said, “History is a mirror that can illuminate both reality and the future.” In front of the mirror of Japanese biological aggression people can see not only evil and hypocrisy, but also justice and responsibility. Every nation and every people should view history as a mirror to reflect on past mistakes and responsibilities that they can improve on in the future. (Translated by Pu Yanli, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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