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An International Student’s 2017
Post Time: 15/01/2018

In 2017, there were over 340,000 international students studying in the Zhejiang Province. A great number of them were attracted to Yiwu for its openness and globalized market. Mu Xiaolong, the Chinese name of an Egyptian student, had a fantastic 2017 in Yiwu.

In September 2015, Mu came to China for the first time. His brother is a businessman in Yiwu and told him that Yiwu was an interesting place, which propelled Mu to come here.

Mu then became a student in Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College and named himself after the national heroine Mu Guiying and the kung fu star Li Xiaolong.

Learning Chinese can be quite boring for many people, but Mu has always enjoyed it. “The Chinese characters are like pictures, which are similar to the hieroglyphs in ancient Egypt. I felt an intimacy between Chinese and my own culture.”

Mu has his own secret for learning Chinese. “I am particularly fond of Chinese poems,” he said. “The culture of the Chinese poetry is remarkable and exceptionally profound.” In his spare time, he loves to watch the TV show—“the Chinese Poetry Competition,” from which he has learned a great deal about Chinese culture.

When he first started learning Chinese, his teacher advised him to speak Chinese as often as possible. Therefore, Mu has taken part in various activities to practice his Chinese. His fluent Chinese won him a chance to be on camera when the TV show “Keep Running” was shot in Yiwu in February 2017.

Mu was excited when he spoke of this experience: “I even took photos with some of the stars, and they were very nice.”

Furthermore, Mu plays an active role in volunteering. “The international students in Yiwu organized a volunteer team named ‘Global love.’ The happiness and the sense of fulfillment from doing volunteer work are overwhelming. ”

Mu also loves to assist his brother with his business. He goes to his brother’s company every day after class.

 “Yiwu is developing into a globalized city. I have full faith in Yiwu’s development.” He has also become friends with a group of people who are starting their own business.

When asked about the Belt and Road Initiative, he said that “Egypt was the first Arabian country, as well as the first African country, that established diplomatic relations with China. The two countries will have a closer relationship in the future.” In terms of his New Year’s resolutions, he said, “In 2018, I plan to memorize 100 Chinese poems, to learn 20 Chinese songs, and to travel to ten different places in China. These are not easy tasks, but I am sure I can make it. ” He also mentioned that he wanted to stay in China after graduation to work as a messenger between China and Egypt—the two great civilizations. (By Shao Peiling, translated by Sun Yin, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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