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Bus Crew Recovers Lost Valuables
Post Time: 08/04/2018

A couple from Malaysia came to Yiwu to purchase goods for their business, and one day discovered their passports, cash, and order placement documents were missing.

On that March day, Mr. Heim bin Abdullah and his wife were at the International Trade City of Yiwu. From District One they took a free shuttle bus and headed to District Four to see product samples and place their orders. When they arrived at District Four, their attention was drawn to the awaiting variety of goods and samples in the market. Upon returning to the hotel, Mr. Abdullah’s wife realized her purse was nowhere to be found. Both of their passports, ID cards, bank cards, and some cash were in that purse.

Later that night, they received an unexpected phone call from the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Yiwu’s Municipal Public Security Bureau with news that lifted their spirits at once: the purse had been found.

Earlier on that day, after the couple and other passengers left the bus, the bus driver Yang Minglong found a purse on a passenger’s seat. In order to find the owner of the purse as quickly as possible, Yang Minglong opened the purse in the presence of his colleagues and found two passports, ID cards, bank cards, and other belongings. Using these clues, the customer service of the International Trade City Group immediately contacted the Exit-Entry Administration Department to report the lost items and seek assistance in taking further action. The following morning, the purse was returned to Mr. Abdullah and his wife.

Apparently, this is not a rare case and visitors often lose their belongings. According to data provided by the bus crew of the International Trade City Group, in 2017 they found and handed over 43 different kinds of items, with 97% of all the items being successfully returned to their original owners. (By Wu Fengyu – Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Nataliia Litvinova, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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