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Dialect Acquired within Three Years
Post Time: 09/05/2018

Lei Feng Chinese name of a post-90s Egyptian can fluently speak the Yiwu dialect.

       In speaking about his reasons for coming to Yiwu, Lei Feng admitted that it was Yiwu’s strong business atmosphere that attracted him. As he had been interested in doing business since he was a child, when he was 18 years old, he started his own small business. In 2015, he gave up his job in Cairo, Egypt, and followed his uncle to Yiwu in order to broaden his horizons. Now, he works in his uncle’s trade company.

Although Lei Feng had never learned Mandarin, thanks to his intelligence, diligence, and ability to learn languages, it took him only two months to communicate with others in Chinese. When he first arrived, he could not speak any Chinese, but now, he can even chat with Yiwu people in their own dialect. Speaking the Yiwu dialect helps him integrate into the lives of the local people.

The Chinese name of the young man, Lei Feng (the same name as that of a selfless and modest Chinese soldier), leaves a deep impression on the people he meets. Lei Feng revealed that he chose this name because he was always ready to help others. He hopes to constantly bring warmth to the people around him, just like the soldier Lei Feng. Lei Feng’s optimism, humor, and affectionate smile make him popular among his friends.

Lei Feng said that learning the Yiwu dialect not only allowed him integrate into local life but also helped him make a lot of friends. (By Wang Lingfei, translated by Jin Haiqiong, edited by Xiamara Hohman)


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