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Witness of Biological Warfare Passes Away
Post Time: 09/05/2018

On April 1, the Association for the Family Members of Japanese Biological Warfare Victims in Yiwu announced that Wang Jinhua, the 82-year-old vice president has passed away.

Wang Jinhua was a survivor of biological warfare in Chongshan Village, Yiwu. In 1994, together with Wang Huanbin, Wang Guoqiang and Wu Liqin, Wang Jinhua submitted the petition for apology and compensation from the Japanese Government signed by 10,000 people to the Embassy of Japan in China. In August 1997, with the support of some Japanese lawyers, he participated in a civil plaintiffs group consisting of the victims of biological warfare in China. On behalf of the plaintiffs group, Wang Jinhua, Wang Xuan and Wang Jinyu went to Tokyo to submit the indictment to the Tokyo Court, which started the ten year-long litigation against Japan for its merciless biological warfare in China. The delegation of the plaintiffs appeared in court in 2001 and 2005.

For more than two decades, Wang Jinhua has participated in the investigation of the victims of biological warfare, the establishment of Yiwu Exhibition Center of Japanese Biological Warfare, and the foundation of the Association for the Family Members of Japanese Biological Warfare Victims in Yiwu. He had been interviewed by many media at home and abroad, leaving many valuable materials.

Wang Jinhua accused the Japanese army of killing four of his family members during the biological warfare in November 1942. They died within five days due to the plague.

His uncle Wang Liumei, who was 42 years old, was a cargo porter at the Yiwu Railway Station at that time. After being infected with the plague, beefy as he was, he died at home within three days. Two days later, his wife Hu Xian’e also died of the plague. After their death, their son Wang Jinrong, who was in another village, was taken back home and died soon after.

Wang Jinhua’s grandfather was a winemaker. When the plague broke out in Chongshan, he was making wine in Taxiazhou Village which was a few miles away. For fear of being affected by the plague, he dared not go home.

 Witnessing the death of Wang Liumei’s family, Wang Zhanggao, another uncle of Wang Jinhua, suspecting being affected by the plague himself, hurried to Taxiazhou where his father stayed for help. He wanted to see a doctor. Fearing that the plague might be transmitted to Taxiazhou, Wang Jinhua’s grandfather sent his son to the Guandi Temple nearby. However, his son died of high fever that night before the doctor came, at the age of 36. To make matters worse, Taxiazhou did not survive – the terrible plague caused 103 deaths in the village. (By He Bihui – Jinhua News, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Cristina Bonacin)


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