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Ozcan Sezer’s life in Yiwu
Post Time: 04/06/2018

Ozcan Sezer, a businessman from Turkey, has lived in Yiwu for 10 years. He can speak many languages and has a deep understanding of Chinese culture. He has established three restaurants in Yiwu and is very popular in foreign business circles.


From Football Player to Restaurant Owner

Before coming to Yiwu, Ozcan played for a football club, but an injury during training made him end his career early. When he did not know what to do next, his family suggested he move to Yiwu and open a restaurant. His friends who did business in Yiwu also encouraged him to come to Yiwu and open a Turkish restaurant.

With the encouragement and support of his family, Ozcan decided to visit Yiwu first. Its huge market and various goods have attracted businessman from around the world. In 2009, when he and his wife came to Yiwu, they were attracted by Yiwu’s business atmosphere and did not want to leave.

A few months later, Sultan Restaurant was opened. The restaurant offers traditional Turkish barbecue as well as various desserts and Turkish specialties, the ingredients of which are all imported from Turkey. Thanks to its advantageous location and delicious taste, the restaurant soon became popular with many foreign businessmen.


Food Creation and Service Environment Optimization

Ozcan makes delicious food to attract and retain more customers, and he and his wife spare no effort in operating their restaurant. They inspect the store, organize management services, and monitor the quality of the food every day.

In order to solve language problems, the managers he has hired are proficient in both Chinese and English. Additionally, he organizes ongoing bilingual training for all his staff. With these acclimated employees and good service as well as tantalizing dishes, the restaurant is flourishing. Sometimes, his friends invite him to do other business with them, but he refuses without hesitation. He can make various delicious foods to satisfy thousands of foreign merchants, which makes him and his wife happy.


Expected Future: China Railway Express (CRE) to Expand Import Trade

“The more the Yiwu market flourishes, the more popular my restaurant is,” said Ozcan. He hopes to help more foreign businessmen better understand Chinese culture and adapt to life in Yiwu quickly.

Six months ago, Ozcan signed a contract with MADO Ice Cream Company and became an agent of the MADO brand. Subsequently, the first ice cream-themed MADO restaurant was opened in Yiwu. During the Labor Day of 2018 (May 1-3), the second MADO restaurant was opened. Now the passenger flow of both the MADO restaurants together averages 500-1,000 per day. Ozcan said that the raw materials of the ice cream are all imported by sea, which may take up to 25 days. However, raw materials imported by CRE, which may only take 10 days, is a cost-effective option.

Therefore, Ozcan intends to open a Turkish ice cream factory in Yiwu, using the CRE to expand the import of raw materials, and open about 1000 restaurants around the world. (By Huang Yujie – Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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