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Jinhua Academician Publishes High-Impact Paper
Post Time: 23/07/2018


On June 14, collaborating with two professors from the Argonne National Laboratory in the United States, Professor Chen Zhongwei from the University of Waterloo in Canada published a high-impact paper named 30 Years of Lithium‐Ion Batteries in Advanced Materials, one of the authoritative journals in the field of materials science.

Prof. Chen, who was born in Pan’an County of Jinhua, was elected as an academician to the Canadian Academy of Engineering last June. Currently, he works for the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Waterloo and the Waterloo Institute for Nanotechnology.

As one of the most outstanding scientists in Canada, Prof. Chen leads a top scientific team dedicated to the development of low-cost nanometer materials for fuel cells, high-energy silicon-based lithium-ion batteries, silicon-sulfur lithium batteries, zinc-air storage batteries, and supercapacitors.

Advanced Materials is a leading journal in materials science and chemistry, with an impact factor of 19.79. In 30 Years of Lithium‐Ion Batteries, Prof. Chen and the other two professors reviewed the progress of lithium-ion batteries over the past 30 years, as well as the great achievements of lithium battery technology in both the commercial and the academic world. The authors present a complete history of lithium‐ion batteries and explain the reasons for the changes in technology. In addition, they also predict the research direction of lithium-ion batteries in the next stage.

According to Prof. Chen, in recent years the demand for high-performance rechargeable batteries has been increasing. Since the first commercialization of the lithium-ion battery by Sony Corporation 30 years ago, there has been an upsurge in research on portable electronic products. At the same time, the governments around the world have realized the role greenhouse gases play in climate change and have begun to turn to green energy technologies (solar, wind, etc.) and electric vehicles with energy storage systems. The core of green energy technologies is portable energy conversion devices. As a result, the research on batteries has increased dramatically since 2010. As rapid as the progress is, the goal of the research remains the same: to reduce the weight and volume, strengthen the durability and safety, and lower the cost of the batteries.

At the Jinhua Development Conference in November of 2017, a reporter interviewed Chen Zhongwei, who helped to introduce a top project to Jinhua. He said, “There are two kinds of new energy vehicles: one is a traditional battery-driven electric vehicle, such as Tesla Motors, and the other is a new energy vehicle driven by fuel cells. We believe that the latter is the road for vehicles in the future. It is also what our team is researching and developing. You see, in the future if all the gasoline is replaced by hydrogen, we don’t need the traditional internal combustion engine anymore, and what is emitted is not exhaust but water vapor. We can live in a clean and safe world. Isn’t it a great idea for us and our children?”

Furthermore, Chen Zhongwei believes that the new energy automobile industry can reach an annual output value of 1 trillion RMB in the future. At present, many provinces in China are trying to bring in this emerging technology. Chen hopes to make a contribution to his hometown, Jinhua, by promoting the introduction of the leading technology to the China-Canada International Technology Park in Jinhua. (By Wang Jian, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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