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Let Passion Soar
Post Time: 25/07/2018

      Naira, an Italo-German youth, traveled to Yiwu for the first time two years ago. At that time, she was studying at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. After her first semester  studying abroad, she opened a foreign trade company in Yiwu. Despite only being open business for a short time, she managed to sell goods to Russia, Germany, Italy and other countries, sending three or four containers each month.

      She attributes her achievements to the fertile soil that Yiwu offers to business people: a place for internationals to develop and for passion to take off.

      After being introduced to the city by a friend who had done business in Yiwu for a dozen years, Naira traveled from Shanghai to visit Yiwu in August, 2016, looking for a job that would suit her. Unexpectedly, the profound vigor of Yiwu’s market attracted Naira, who stayed in Yiwu for two months during her first visit. “When I went to the market, I found such a variety and number of goods that I got lost in wonder. I just wanted to keep on walking around, and there were many products that I liked a lot.”

      In June 2017, she finished her studies at SJTU. At the age of 25, Naira embarked on her new adventures in Yiwu. During her first few months of work in Yiwu, she experienced the speed of the city: “Many secrets of Yiwu’s Speed are incorporated in the smartphone. For example, I can handle residence registration for overseas visitors on WeChat without going to the local Public Security Office. Last year, after submitting the company’s registration documents to the Yiwu Administration of Market Supervision, it only took three days’ to receive the business license collection notice. This efficiency surpasses even Hong Kong’s,” said Naira. In Yiwu, Naira registered a company called Fortino, which focuses on the procurement of apparel products, such as mink coats.

      Doing business in Yiwu is proving, but Naira feels happy and is never bored. The most distressing aspect is when the goods are not able to meet the demand: “Sometimes it happens that even after receiving the payment, the suppliers say that they don’t have any goods. This happens because there’s a low availability of raw materials, and the demand can’t be met.”

      Naira earned her MA in Germany in finance and studied finance at SJTU. With her excellent background, she decided that to do business, she needed to learn Chinese at Yiwu Industrial and Commercial College. In January 2018, she completed her language studies at YICC, and after adding this competency, she took to business like a duck to water.

      “When I’m in Yiwu, I feel free and at ease; it’s like my home. I feel like a stranger when I’m in other cities, and when I go to Germany, I feel like a passerby who arrives and departs immediately. Additionally, German taxes are too high, and doing business is very difficult: In March of this year, I handed over 40,000 dollars in taxes to Germany,” commented Naira.

      Besides her business, Naira enjoys cycling around Yiwu, the towns of Fotang and Dachen, and the nearby Pujiang. Last year, she also ran the Yiwu Marathon to allow her body and soul to enjoy the exercise: “I believe that the colors of youth lie in hard work.” (By Gong Xianming – Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Marco Lovisetto, edited by Xiamara Hohman)


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