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Sam’s Entrepreneurship in Yiwu
Post Time: 01/08/2018


Sam is a chef from Australia who loves making delicious food. He has said that Yiwu is the place where he has made his dream come true: he has been living in Yiwu for seven years and has opened three restaurants.


Settling in Yiwu after Traveling

Sam is from Sydney, Australia. Before coming to China, he traveled to over 100 countries and tried his hand at various kinds of jobs. At the age of 21, he became a waiter in a restaurant, and one of his colleagues named Tony mentored him in starting his career as a chef. With Tony’s help, Sam gradually learned to cook Western food. Afterwards, he opened a handmade pizza shop and became a full-fledged chef, himself.

When I first came to Yiwu, I thought Yiwu was too small and there were few restaurants which specialized in making Western food. Every day, I had to go to the fast food restaurant to eat. I really disliked it, Sam said. After taking a market survey, Sam discovered that this lack presented a great opportunity to open a Western restaurant in Yiwu, so he started his restaurant business there.


Continuous Innovation to Attract Business

In 2010, Sam opened his first restaurant, Venice Restaurant, which is close to the Yiwu Commodities Market. The location is somewhat remote, but business is good.

A chef’s greatest joy is to make delicious food that is popular with customers. Sam said that all the ingredients they use are carefully selected, and he worked hard to learn the cooking skills that he taught to his other chefs personally. After a long time, Sam realized that the Chinese peoples eating habits are changing, and more and more Chinese people like to eat Western food.

In order to better integrate Western food with local tastes, Sam has done extensive research and innovation to make his food more suitable to local customers’ tastes. Opening a restaurant, just like doing business in Yiwu, needs continuous innovation to attract more customers.

Sam has just launched a new menu with 29 original dishes in 2018, which is the result of his painstaking research in the last two months. The menu in my restaurant is updated every six months and includes photos for the new dishes on the menu, which makes it easier for the customers to choose, Sam said. The Venice Restaurant founded by Sam is highly rated by diners from all over the world, and the food critics gave positive comments on other well-known Western websites as well.


Being Diligent as Yiwu’s Citizens

In Sams eyes, Yiwu citizens are more hardworking than people in other regions. Sam said that when he first came to Yiwu, he felt upset that he had to work five days a week. Later, he learned that most of Yiwu’s businessmen don’t have holidays for the whole year except on Chinese New Year. Gradually, Sam learned to be diligent and also began to work seven days a week.

Careful ingredient selection and cooking, as well as integrity, good management, and innovation have caused Sams restaurant business to flourish. He has also became an influential chef in the international business circle.

The three restaurants opened by Sam in Yiwu have been developing well, but Sam does not want to stop there. In 2018, he is busy exploring the market and intends to build a fourth restaurant in Yiwu. Next, he plans to open a chain of Western restaurants across China with Yiwu as the headquarters so that more locals can eat healthy and delicious multicultural and multinational Western food. (By Huang Yujie – Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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