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Sammuel: My Second Home—Yiwu
Post Time: 02/08/2018


After Sammuel takes his children to school in the early morning, he begins to work in his office in Futian Building near Yiwu International Trade City.


A Pleasant First Experience in Yiwu

In 1987, Sammuel came from Ethiopia to study Chinese for one year at Beijing Language and Culture University, and then studied at South China Agricultural University. After graduation, his education background in China helped him secure a job as an interpreter in a China-Japan trading company in Tokyo.

“It was the end of May in 2004, and our company sent me to Yiwu with two of our customers,” as Sammuel recalled. “Back then, the customers purchased hardware. They were very pleased with the prices and the quality.”

Shortly thereafter, Sammuel suggested to his company the idea of setting up an office in Yiwu to improve the efficiency of purchasing goods. His suggestion was soon approved by the manager of the company.

“That was the start of both my new life and my career,” said Sammuel. In 2009, he started Hope International Trade Co., Ltd., with an office located in Futian Building.

At present, he has 12 employees in his company. He stated, “All of the people from my hometown in Ethiopia know Yiwu because many of the products sold in the supermarkets are from here.”


A Comfortable Life in Yiwu  

Yiwu is a land of hope. When Sammuel saw the business opportunities in Yiwu, he decided to settle there without much hesitation.

Sammuel said, “Compared with big cities like Shanghai, Beijing, and Guangzhou, Yiwu is much smaller, and its size is comparable to many cities in Ethiopia. It is a suitable place for people to live. Besides, Yiwu has many international businessmen, almost from every country, which makes me feel that I belong in this place.” In addition to business, he also does a lot of charity work in Yiwu.

Sammuel got married in 2006 in Ethiopia. Shortly after the wedding, his wife came to China with him and gave birth to their first daughter in Yiwu. The couple now has four daughters.

Sammuel likes going to the movies with his family, and also spending time with his Chinese friends. In their spare time, he and his friends eat together or play soccer in Meihu Sports Center.


A Witness to Yiwu’s Development

“I am growing with Yiwu, and I am also a witness to Yiwu’s great changes,” Sammuel said. “Yiwu’s services to foreign businessmen have improved, especially the international trade policies, which are unique to Yiwu: nowhere else has such policies. Also, Yiwu has organizations like the Foreign Trade Mediation Organization and Home to Global Merchants. The government thinks highly of the international traders, realizing that the development of Yiwu is closely related to the international businessmen. The relationship of the two is like that of fish and water,” commented Sammuel.

“Only when you become a part of this city can you really enjoy your life here. That is Yiwu’s unique glamour.” (By Gong Xianming – Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Sun Yin, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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