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Ami: I belong to Yiwu
Post Time: 29/08/2018


  On August 15, on the 24th floor of Times Square Building, the reporter met with Ami at his workplace. The international businessman, who has been in Yiwu for 12 years, was negotiating a purchase order with two Iranian customers, during which he was also kept answering the phones about his trade.

    Ami is from Iran. He has been in China and has engaged in international trade since 2003. In 2007, he established the first international trade company in Yiwu founded by the international businessman and has import and export rights. Today, his company has established branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and he even expanded his business into Southeast Asia, Europe, America and Middle East. Ami also invested in a cosmetics factory in Yiwu.

  In fluent Chinese, Ami said that he is not only a new Yiwu-er, but also has a Chinese family. His wife is from Beijing. They met in Japan when they both studied there. They came back to China together, and stayed in Hangzhou for a while. Now the family settled in Yiwu, with their child studying in Yiwu No. 2 Middle School.

    “A lot of people asked me why I chose Yiwu, such a small city, but not Beijing or Hangzhou.” Ami still remembers the first time when he came to Yiwu, he met various people from different countries. He felt he could have many opportunities here, though it is small.

    “I love Yiwu. I love living here.” When talking about  changes in Yiwu, Ami has a lot to say. These years, Yiwu went through such enormous changes that it is like a butterfly flying out of its cocoon. The living environment, traffic condition, urban greening have been significantly improved. Merchants here can enjoy quality life as well as do business.

  In the display cabinet in his office, the reporter saw many of his awards and certificates, as well as a trophy he won at a national short course off road race.

    Proficient in six languages including Chinese, Arabic, Japanese and others, he is a member of the Jimingshan Community committee and worked as deputy director. When he is free, Ami goes around the community with other working staff to settle disputes and maintain order at night. Once, he noticed a stack of stuff right outside a shop. He immediately talked with the owner and persuaded him to clean it up. “We all belong to this community. We are all responsible for the environment here.”

    “After work, I like to go fishing and car racing with my Chinese friends.” He fishes to learn to be patient and races to be brave. Thanks to these, he could perfectly deal with his work and life.

As he has been in Yiwu for 12 years, Ami feels he truly belongs here. “I am not a stranger in Yiwu. As I can speak Chinese, some international businessmen  love to come to me when they encounter problems, even on some small ones like asking for directions. I am very happy to help, and I feel obliged for these. Helping others makes me feel content.” (By Huang Yujie – Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Cristina Bonacin)


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