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Jordanian Resident in Yiwu
Post Time: 18/09/2018


In 2014 at the Sixth Ministerial Conference of the China–Arab States Cooperation Forum, President Xi Jinping mentioned a man named Mohanad who runs a restaurant in Yiwu and is married to a Chinese woman. Since then, Mohanad’s restaurant has become an attraction in Yiwu, and many people come to his restaurant for its Arabian cuisine.  

Mohanad is a Jordanian merchant who came to Yiwu to start his business in 2002. He brought Arab cuisine to Yiwu and established a trade company there. He exports cheap commodities to Arab countries, including his home country of Jordan.  

Mohanad regards Yiwu, where his two children are attending school, as his second hometown. He said that he has made many friends among both Yiwu’s citizens and Arabs. They help each other, and they find it very comfortable to live in Yiwu.  

2018 marks the fifth anniversary of the Belt and Road (B&R) Initiative. Therefore, Mohanad designed an informative wall about the B&R in his restaurant so that more customers can learn about it.

For Arab merchants in Yiwu, Mohanad’s restaurant has become an ideal place for them to meet customers, do business, and resolve disputes. They can enjoy tastes from their cultures as well as the hospitality of the restaurant owner. (By Huang Yujie, translated by Pan Yinghua, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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