Chinese Traditional Culture Promotion

Post Time: 2019-01-27


Chinese traditional festivals are an important part of Chinese traditional culture, and they are diverse in form and content. As a symbol of national culture and identity, national festivals embody the national spirit and carry the cultural vitality and essence of the nation.

Yiwu is a new international trade city. Its charm lies in its international market, its characteristics, and its culture. With thousands of years of development, Yiwu’s industrious citizens have created a rich and vibrant traditional culture. Yiwu is also obliged to inherit and promote traditional festival culture.

In the past two years, a series of cultural activities collectively named “Our Festival,” organized by the Department of Publicity of the Municipal Party Committee, not only help citizens inherit the traditional culture, but also endow traditional festivals with the feeling of modern times. They have been widely praised by the public. (By Lin Xiaoyan – Yiwu Shangbao, translated by Jiao Tingting, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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