Int’l School to Enroll 360 Students

Post Time: 2019-02-28



Junhua International School, the Jinyi Branch of the Jinhua Foreign Language School (JFLS), will enroll 360 students in 2019. The Primary Department plans to enroll 240 students, with seven classes for the first grade and one class for each grade from the second to sixth; and the Junior Middle Department plans to enroll 120 students, with six classes for the seventh grade (four bilingual classes and two international classes). Each class has only 20 students.

As a branch of JFLS, Junhua International School not only shares JFLS’s high-quality educational resources, but 10% of its primary school graduates have direct entry access to the Junior Middle Department of JFLS.

Li Wunan, principal of Junhua International School and Zhejiang distinguished teacher, announced that Junhua will hold a briefing session on the courses of the Primary Department at the school lecture hall on March 2.

In order for the briefing session to be orderly and organized, attendants need to register in advance. Parents who are interested can scan the QR code below to submit their registration information. (By Fang Yuezhen, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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