Look at My Face, Not at My Experience!

Post Time: 2019-08-01

    In Yiwu, learning English has become a necessary basic skill in work and life, both for children and adults. Therefore, English training centers have gradually become a relatively popular industry. Some institutions have a so-called “If you have a foreign face, then you can become a foreign language teacher” phenomenon; that’s why foreigners who can speak English are employed right away without training.

    There are many English teacher intermediary service websites on the Internet, and a large number of international English speakers apply on there for foreign language teacher positions. But these applicants often do not indicate clearly their teaching qualifications or even their nationality, and many English training centers for children choose their foreign language teachers directly from these candidates.

    The staff of the Foreign Experts Bureau said that when selecting a training center, parents need to know whether the institution has a foreign language training license and pay attention to the validity of said work license. When choosing a foreign language teacher, it is important to see whether the teacher has a work permit issued by the Foreign Experts Bureau. Both teachers and training institutions must have the relevant qualifications; they are both indispensable.

    According to regulations, non-Chinese who apply for foreign language teaching work visas in China must meet the following requirements: They must have a bachelor’s degree or above, two or more years of relevant work experience, no criminal record and must be teaching their mother tongue. (By Wang Jiali, translated by Cecilia Campaner, edited by Mariam Ayad)