Aesthetic Feast for Internationals

Post Time: 2019-08-01

    On July 17, the “Silk Road Han Mo1 Bond—International Friends Experience the Charm of Calligraphy at the National Art Museum of China,” co-organized by the National Art Museum of China (NAMC) and Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU), was held at the NAMC.

    The activity was hosted by Yang Yingshi, deputy director of the Public Education Department of the NAMC. Yan Dongsheng, secretary of the Party Committee of the NAMC, and Liu Yuan, deputy director of the International Office at ZNU, delivered speeches on behalf of the two institutions.

    The internationals who participated in this activity were members of the “2019 Training Program for Improving the University Governance in Developing Countries,” which was sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and organized by ZNU. They were higher education administrators from the Philippines, Laos, Romania, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka. The NAMC arranged a group of superb calligraphers to lead the participants to visit exhibition halls of the NAMC and introduce Chinese calligraphy and Chinese paintings and artwork to them. The international participants also completed their own calligraphy works under the guidance of these calligraphers. (Translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Mariam Ayad)


Translator’s note:

  1. Han Mo originally referred to brush and ink. Now it usually refers to writings, paintings, or calligraphy works.

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