Five-Year Work Residence Permit

Post Time: 2019-09-05

    Since August 2019, a new policy of residence permits for foreigners has been implemented. The new policy will ease the limitations on foreigners who are eager to apply for a five-year work residence permit.

    On the morning of August 27, four foreigners were first getting the five-year work permit in Yiwu as the policy was implemented. “I'm very glad because it will be much more convenient,” said one of the foreigners who received the permit.

    Statistics show that there are 550,000 international businesspeople coming to Yiwu every year, and 15,000 live here. In order to help them, the Yiwu Public Security Bureau (PSB) has built a WeChat system for temporary residence registration for foreigners, offers an online booking service for visa applications, and has a “green channel” for foreign-related certifications that have allowed 20 projects to begin operation.

    In Yiwu, the overseas personnel service centers were set up in five international communities. They provide convenience for legal consulting, temporary residence registration, and visa expiration reminders. In addition, the PSB has formulated corresponding rewards and punishments for overseas personnel according to their credit records in order to create a better business atmosphere and build a more reliable credit system.

    Reported by the PSB, the Ministry of Public Security and the National Immigration Administration jointly promoted and implemented 12 facilitation policies for immigration across the country, one of which is a five-year work residence permit. Thanks to the new policy, foreign personnel of good merit who have applied for work residence permits two successive times and have done nothing against the laws and regulations are allowed to apply for a five-year work residence permit. (By Liu Jun, translated by Wang Junwen, edited by Kendra Fiddler)