Changes in International Restaurants

Post Time: 2019-10-23

      When the new trend of rubbish recycling swept the whole city, some international chain restaurants started following the trend as well.


      McDonald's: new trash bins designed for easier classification

      The restaurant posted a lot of new slogans and posters on rubbish recycling. The trash bins inside the restaurants are updated as well. They added a bin for non-recycle rubbish and one for paper recycle. The most unique one is divided into three compartments to deposit water and ice, plastic and food waste separately.


      KFC & Starbucks: reduce disposable supplies

      Some restaurants and cafes aimed their efforts at reducing rubbish from the source.

      In a Starbucks chain location, a number of environmental protection signs are placed on the counter: “Bring your own cup for 4 RMB discount.” It is recommended that customers use fewer disposable paper cups.