As Hard-Working as Chinese Peers

Post Time: 2019-12-16

There is an outstanding student from College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering at Zhejiang Normal University: Kazady Nyamabo from Congo. He was completing a Software Engineering Program (taught in English) in 2015.

He started studying at 7 a.m. every day and was a top student in his major for four years which gained him the titles of top ten students and “Excellent Overseas Student.” He received 100/100 for Advanced Mathematics B, 99 for C Programing, 99 for Software Engineering Foundations, etc. Among the 64 courses he took at ZNU, only six were lower than 90/100. His performance was very impressive. During the four years, his overall GPA was 4.35, ranking first in the program.

In addition, he also got scholarships from China Scholarship Council, Zhejiang Provincial Government, and others.

Commenting on his daily routine, he explained: “I don’t think there’s any shortcut. If there is any, it must be that I’m as diligent as Chinese students, going to every lecture.” After graduation, he wants to be a good software engineer.

When he arrived at ZNU for the first time, he encountered many setbacks. He experienced the first snowfall of his life. “I was pleasantly surprised, but it was too cold. That winter was very intense.” Apart from the climate, he couldn’t get the study pace right at the beginning as well. “My foundation was not good. I had to learn a great deal.” But after a period of adaptation, he found his own way. “I learned a lot from difficulties. I learned how to find ways to solve the problems. This is important.”

In ZNU, he not only obtained outstanding academic records, but also he participated in various student activities, like cultural exchange. He made a wonderful presentation to share his culture, telling African stories to many Chinese friends.

He also served in the Foreign Affairs Department of the College of Mathematics, Physics and Information Engineering, often helping the college with some international student-related work.