Jordanian Businessman Donates to Yiwu

Post Time: 2020-02-07
 “I was in Algeria when I read the request for donations to Yiwu in WeChat released by a leader from the Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the Yiwu Municipal Government. I called my wife immediately, who is Chinese, and we decided to donate 80,000 RMB to the Red Cross Society of Yiwu to help fight the coronavirus,” said Mohammed, a Jordanian businessman. On January 30, he contacted some foreign dealers to buy a batch of face masks and ship them to China. 

After graduating from university in 2002, Mohammed left for China to start a business with 30,000 RMB. He chose Yiwu as his first stop because he had heard that Yiwu is full of business opportunities. Unexpectedly, he settled there, and now Yiwu is like his second home. Every year, he sells a large amount of Chinese products to many countries and regions around the world. 

On January 19, Mohammed returned to Jordan alone to visit his parents, and later visited a customer in Algeria. Busy as he was, Mohammed kept an eye on the novel coronavirus outbreak in China. While concerned about his wife and children in China, he wanted to help others as well, so he decided to donate after reading the request. 

“What I did is just a tiny thing. After all these years, I’m very grateful to Yiwu: I achieved success here and I got married here. Now it’s time for me to do something for Yiwu in return,” said Mohammed. He planned to come back to China on February 8. However, due to the coronavirus outbreak, although worried about his family, he decided to stay longer before returning to China. (By Gong Yan, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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