Online Multilingual Guide for COVID-19

Post Time: 2020-03-29
     The web version of A Guide to the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 Epidemic in Foreign Languages can be found at this address: 

This online multilingual guide is presented according to the prevention and control plan, the diagnose and treatment plan and the public protection guides issued by National Health Care Commission. It takes into consideration official notice as well as various situations including everyday protection measures, entry tips and diagnosis.

Altogether, 75 commonly used sentences have been offered with multilingual versions: Korean, Japanese, Persian, Italian, Arabic, English, Spanish, Malay, French, Thai, Russian, Portuguese, German, Cambodian, Swahili, Vietnamese, Turkish, Catalan, Mongolian and others. It also has a corresponding version on WeChat.

Next, the guide will continue to update according to the latest global news and enrich the content and language, doing its part for the prevention and control of the virus. (Translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Mariam Ayad)


Beijing Advanced Innovation Center for Language Resources, Beijing Language and Culture University