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Chinese Voices in Handelsblatt
Post Time: 15/04/2018

On March 9, 2018, Chinese Ambassador to Germany Shi Mingde published an article titled “A Chance for Everyone” in Handelsblatt—a leading German-language business newspaper. The article’s main ideas are as follows:


       About five years ago, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, proposed the historic “Belt and Road Initiative”, which has gained wide-ranged support from all corners of the world. In May 2017, China successfully held the first Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, in which representatives from over 100 countries participated. At present, China has signed cooperative agreements with over 80 countries and international organizations.

       Germany was one of the earliest European countries that welcomed the B&R. Lately, German politicians, economists, media workers, and think tanks have been having a heated discussion about this initiative. Their discussion has promoted the bringing-up of practical advice, but it has also revealed the doubts and misunderstandings that exist in today’s German society. Therefore, as the Chinese Ambassador to Germany, he explains more about the B&R Initiative.

       The B&R initiative is an international public product that China has provided to the world, and it is not a globalization of Chinese characteristics. The B&R aims for connectivity; connecting developed countries, developing countries, and emerging economies; and enriching and perfecting existing globalization. China is more than willing to serve as a motivator for globalization along with Germany and other European countries.

       The core of the B&R is to promote economic cooperation by establishing connections between different countries through the construction of infrastructure. The countries along the route are all participants, constructors, and beneficiaries. If one imagines the benefits of the B&R as a cake that all are sharing, China is neither trying to be the one who eats the cake alone, nor does China have the intention of taking the largest piece. What China really wants is to collaborate with other countries and make the cake larger so that everyone can share a bite. The past five years have borne witness to the implementation of a large amount of significant cooperative programs that have been promoted by cooperation between China and other countries. These programs have increased tax income by 1.1 bn dollars in some countries and have created 180,000 jobs.

       The B&R initiative is there to support the unification of Europe, rather than divide it. We respect the European Union’s governance and legal systems; we obey the EU’s rules and regulations. Additionally, the B&R initiative is actually a practical deed to promote Europe’s oneness because it enables beer from the Czech Republic, apples from Poland, and juice and rose products from Bulgaria to enter the Chinese market.

       The cooperation between China, Germany, and Europe under the B&R initiative will boost economic development and improve the quality of people’s lives, which in turn will make the world both in and out of Europe more secure. 

       Shi hopes that all circles of German society will adopt an objective and fair attitude towards the B&R Initiative. China welcomes German economists’ participation in the B&R and is looking forward to more cooperation between the two countries. He also hopes that the German government will work together with the Chinese government to establish a strategic partnership to strengthen all-around cooperation. (Translated by Sun Yin, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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