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Cultural Rejuvenation in Dongyang
Post Time: 04/06/2018

 “We will further develop Dongyang culture by focusing on the five most prominent aspects of our culture, namely, woodcarving, wine, academies, martial arts and Zen,” said Wang Songming, secretary of the Party Committee of Huxi Town, at the conference on developing Dongyang City by strengthening its cultural advantages that was held on May 18.

Huxi Town is a town in the Zhejiang Province that is famous for its culture, and it is the hometown of folk culture and folk art. In July 2017, it was listed among the tourist towns that would be further developed into provincial-level tourist attractions. Dongyang seized the opportunity and is fully developing its cultural tourism industry. At the beginning of 2018, based on the cultural features of the region, Dongyang called on its towns and counties to explore their cultures more deeply and to activate the new driving force of economic development—culture.

“According to the World-Class Cultural City standards, Dongyang will develop itself into a contemporary cultural rejuvenation model and make full use of its cultural strengths,” said Huang Min, deputy mayor and municipal Party secretary of Dongyang. The past few years have witnessed Dongyang’s rapid development in cultural industries, and the average increasing rate has been over 26%, among which 11% was contributed by the cultural industry. These two figures are above the averages of the national and provincial levels, and Dongyang has been among the top cities in the Zhejiang Province and even China in terms of cultural development. The cultural industry has become Dongyang’s strategic mainstay industry, especially when one takes into account the success of Dongyang woodcarving and Hengdian World Studios. These two attractions have always been closely associated with the name ‘Dongyang.In order to transform its assets from cultural resources to new driving forces of economic development, Dongyang will start by improving its cultural products, integrating its cultural resources, displaying its delicacies, and expanding its cultural impact. To develop the  cultural industry, Dongyang established a system in which certain municipal leaders are be responsible for the development of certain cultural products.

Aside from the improvement, integration, display, and publicization of existing cultural products and practices, Dongyang will also implement the “Culture Plus” and “Plus Culture” strategies, through which it will integrate the cultural elements into all walks of life. In the architectural industry, Dongyang will construct itself into “a hometown of craftsman, a land of marvelous architecture,” by expanding the influence of Dongyang architectural styles, craftsmanship, and techniques; in the woodcarving industry, it will improve the reputation of mahogany by offering better crafts, nicer designs, more choices, and lower prices; in the film industry, it aims to bethe best studio in the world by implementing the strategies of globalization, industrialization, and concentration. (By Du Qianqian, translated by Sun Yin, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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