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8890 Hotline as a Service Model
Post Time: 01/06/2018

The 8890 hotline has set out to become a brand service platform in Jinhua and to serve Jinhua citizens as a model for the other platforms.


One Call Solves Your Puzzles

       At the beginning of May, Mr. Zhang called to ask about a problem regarding housing funds. His bank account was one yuan short of what he needed to pay the fund, but the system automatically charged the money and said he had already paid. He was worried that this would negatively affect his credit, but he was not sure whether he should go to the bank or the Housing Fund Center in person.

       Typically, the telephone operators of the 8890 Hotline Platform would solve this problem by calling the customer back after consulting the relevant departments. Luckily, on that day, Zhou Jia, who works at the Housing Fund Center, was online to answer citizens’ questions concerning housing funds. He picked up Mr. Zhang’s call and solved his problem, and he also advised Mr. Zhang to make sure that his bank account had a large enough balance that the same things would not happen again.

In order to bridge the gap between citizens and the government, to promote the “One-Time Visit” revolution which aims to reduce citizens’ consulting times, and to resolve citizens’ puzzles and problems, since July 18, 2017, the 8890 Hotline Platform has invited a number of professionals from different departments to answer citizens’ questions.


One Call Rids You of Your Troubles

Mr. Shao called 8890 to ask how he should dispose of the two large pieces of glass that workers had just taken out of his kitchen. The telephone operator contacted Jinhua Renewable Resources Co., Ltd., which deals with the disposal of paper, plastic, and glass and learned that the company could recycle Mr. Shao’s excess glass. As soon as the operator received a positive answer from the company, he immediately called Mr. Shao back and informed him of the solution.

The 8890 Hotline Platform has already incorporated  830 cooperating enterprises, all of which have business licenses, official stores, and clear prices. According to managers from the 8890 platform, the company will continue to come up with new ways to provide good service. It is their hope to solve citizens’ problems through the 8890 platform so that citizens won’t need to bother to call other departments; they also hope that the convenience that this “One-Time Call” service brings will facilitate the development of an “One-Time Visit” revolution. (By Huang Ben, translated by Sun Yin, edited by Xiamara Hohman)


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