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Int’l Designer Joins Wuyi Homestay
Post Time: 06/08/2018


In July, the review meeting for a homestay project was held in Taoxi Town, Wuyi County, with the theme of “Slow Living in Neoclassical Villages.” The project to be reviewed is the homestay in Tantoushu Village. 

“Walk along Taobai Lane, cross a bridge, then keep walking along the cliff for about five minutes, and you will see a small village with earthen houses on the cliff. It is a remote utopia, just like Shangri-la,” said Ni Wujun, investment director of the project.

In the eyes of Giuseppe, an Italian architect who is the design director of this project, Tantoushu Village is like a village in medieval Italy. After all the villagers moved down to the foot of the mountain, this village on the cliff became an untraversed region and gradually faded from memory. Therefore, it has a complete ecosystem.

Chen Shuai, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Taoxi Town and mayor of Taoxi Town, said: “Located in the middle of Zhejiang, Taoxi Town hosts many homestays, but only few of them can provide a slow pace of life for the tourists. The Italian countryside is absolutely breathtaking, and the concepts of Italian architects are novel, so we have great anticipation for what Giuseppe will do with the project. Through this project, we hope to combine a Chinese village with an international lifestyle according to the features of Ancient China.”

This homestay project has a total investment of 50 million RMB, with an area of about 28 acres. (By Sheng You, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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