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Post Time: 07/08/2018


Caring for seniors has always been an essential issue for families. As early as 2001, with the aging population, Jinhua’s Second Hospital established a Geriatrics Department that emphasizes comprehensive treatment and combines curing and caring. Its advantages of combining medical services and personal care have become increasingly prominent. In Jinhua, the department enjoys a great reputation among the elderly.



Jinhua Geriatric Health Care Center (i.e. the Geriatrics Department in Jinhua’s Second Hospital) was founded in May 2001. It is the first professional geriatric health care institution in Jinhua that integrates medical, nursing, rehabilitation, and hospice care. It has 360 beds and 117 technicians.

After all these years, the center has established a style of integrated medical care service. It aims to “focus on the seniors, provide high-quality service, treat seniors with honor, and offer love to society.” Besides senile dementia wards, it also provides treatment and recovery training for stroke sequelae, unique and effective cure for pressure ulcers, and hospice services.

 Geriatric Center Provides Better Services

Early in the morning, nurses in the geriatrics ward have already started their busy days. They greet the elders kindly and carefully record their physical conditions. The atmosphere makes people feel like they’re in a welcoming home.

“Seniors who have a hard time with talking or walking are our frequent quests here. We have to be more patient and respectful to them,” said Li Shuhua, the director of the nursing department.

Li joined the team at the time of the center’s foundation in 2001. She has rich experience in nursing. “Over the years, I have realized that the life conditions after seniors’ discharge from the hospital deserve much attention. With some professional nursing, they can recover more quickly and avoid potential dangers.”


Comprehensive Treatment

When the reporter walked into the Geriatrics Center, Li Funai, over 80 years old, was tidying up her bed. She expressed herself smoothly and had a clear memory. It was hard to imagine how she was half a month ago: she had suddenly came down with Parkinson’s.

“Her body was stiff, so she had a very hard time walking. She talked nonsense, refused to eat, and behaved oddly,” said Yu Bo, the department director.Li had a history of stroke sequelae and heart disease. Adhering to the concept of multidisciplinary treatment, the department assembled doctors from different departments to work out a solution for her, which combined psychiatric and medical treatment. Li spent two weeks recovering.

Li is not the only one to have this condition, but the center has a highly skilled professional psychiatric medical team.


Improvement in Care and Mood

Li has stayed in the hospital ever since she was admitted in 2015. She was very satisfied with the excellent service here that integrates psychiatric care, Chinese medicine rehabilitation, and cardiovascular support and provides good doctors, nurses, and recovery technicians. She has been well cared for.

Just like Li, many seniors are reluctant to leave after they get into the Geriatrics Center. In the hospital, there are professional doctors and nursing teams. With their increasing pension, many seniors find the services affordable, and their lifespan is extended, as well as their quality of life improved.

Hua Shen, president of the hospital, said that this mode of geriatric service will have a bright future. As the hospital enjoys good facilities, staff, and service capabilities, it has an advantage in medical care, which wins great favor from the seniors. In the future, the hospital will work to improve their methods further and help seniors have greater senses of achievements, happiness, and security. (By Teng Qian, translated by Lin Yuqin, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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