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Foreign Businessmen in Jiming Community
Post Time: 09/08/2018


Jiming Community is a well-known International Community in Yiwu, where foreigners of different origins are frequently seen. They take an active part in community activities, they study and make friends there, and they help others and care for each other. They regard Jiming Community as their home. At present, there are 1213 traders from 59 countries and regions living in Jiming Community.


Iranian “Warm Heart”

Hamid began his career in China in 2003. Four years later, he started his company, Yiwu Hamid Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. Since he came to Yiwu, he has been the “Warm Heart” in the community to help other foreign businessmen and to solve the occasional conflict. He is also employed as the community’s propagator of the safe use of fire. During his ten years in Yiwu, he has been awarded as one of the “Ten Best People in Yiwu,” and is a veritable star businessman.

Hamid can speak 6 languages: Persian, English, Turkish, Japanese, Spanish, and Chinese. His skill in languages and his warmth make him exceptionally good at interpersonal communication. He is also the director of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce in Yiwu and spares no efforts in helping Iranians start up businesses in Yiwu. Hamid’s wife is from Beijing. He said that as a son-in-law to a Chinese family, he long ago got used to his life in China.


Taking Part in Community Affairs

Aladin has been doing business in Yiwu for two years. In his spare time, he studied Chinese for one year in Jiming Community. He is enthusiastic about the community activities and always invites his fellow townsmen to join him.

He fully participates in Jiming Community’s public affairs. He likes doing volunteer work with people from Tongyue Public Service Center. He is also passionate about teaching foreigners about China’s culture and customs. Aladin is 28 years old, and has just gotten engaged to his girlfriend in Egypt. His fiancée will come to live with him in China after their wedding.


“Always Willing to Do Something in Return”

Kulja has always been grateful for the help that Jiming community has offered to him. “As soon as we come to Yiwu, we can learn Chinese in the community for free. That is quite significant for us. For this reason, I am always willing to do something for others in return.”

Kulja often visits the seniors who live alone in Yiwu. He cooks meals for them and helps clean their houses, and he enjoys talking with them. Additionally, he teaches the children how to speak Arabic.

“I am very into Chinese culture. I did not know how to make baozi (steamed stuffed buns), moon cakes, and Chinese dishes until I came to China. Yiwu is very suitable for living, and there are many people living here who are from other countries. I love Yiwu.” (Translated by Sun Yin, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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