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Construction of a Corruption-Free Yiwu
Post Time: 05/09/2018


A woodpecker extracts insects out of the political tree

Promoting the One-Time Visit reform

Selecting honest and upstanding officials and getting rid of the corrupt ones


Great Significance

The construction of a corruption-free Yiwu is a specific measure designed to implement socialist thought with Chinese characteristics for a new era, as well as the spirit of the Party’s 19th National Congress, a necessary component in continuing the Double Eight Strategies (a provincial initiative to facilitate the development of the Zhejiang Province), a useful method for exercising fully and rigorous governance over the Party, and an approach crucial to achieving the modernization of Yiwu’s city management system and its management capacity. In the meanwhile, a clean government and a zero-corruption environment are the premises necessary for Yiwu to come out ahead of other competitive cities, both at home and abroad, as a world-famous trade city, and for the city to accelerate the pace of the construction of a world-class commodities city.


Overall Requirements

- a clean and healthy political environment;

- a corruption-free and efficient government;

- upstanding and honest Party members;

- a helpful and beneficial governance over the people;

- a fresh and rectified social environment.


Basic Principles

Uphold overall Party leadership and the underlying principle of pursuing progress while ensuring stability and ensure coordinated implementation of the national policies and strategies; preserve and carry forward our cultural heritage and develop new approaches to social governance; focus on solving problems and achieving shared growth through joint efforts.



By 2022, Party organizations at every level in Yiwu should have a stronger awareness when overseeing Party members, and the requirements of full governance over the Party should be implemented efficiently such that the political environment can be cleaner and healthier.

There shall be a distinctive decline in the amount of complaint letters, as well as in the number of corruption cases. The corruption in some key fields and departments should be controlled effectively, and some highlighted problems such as conflicts of interest and interest relationships should be supervised correspondingly.

The Party members shall form a stronger sense of Party disciplines and regulations. The Party and the people shall compliment and influence one another other in good ways. The public shall play a more active role in the construction of a corruption-free Yiwu and become increasingly supportive of the Party with a greater sense of satisfaction. Both parties shall work hard to secure a sweeping victory in the fight against corruption. A fresh political environment will, by then, be generally in place. 

By 2035, the systems at every level shall be mature and properly shaped; the use of power shall be orderly and disciplined, and the Party shall exercise more effective self-supervision and practice strict self-governance. In the meantime, the social environment shall become fresh and simple. In doing so, a corruption-free Yiwu will have been constructed in every respect.



The leadership will be strengthened; the work efficiency will be improved; regular supervision will be tightened, and a good environment will be created.



1. Joint Efforts in Constructing “Lucid Waters and Lush Mountains” in Political Ecosystems

Give top priority to the political work of the Party, impose strict Party discipline on the Party members, ensure the full coverage of supervision and internal oversight, and keep Party affairs open to the public and guarantee full and strict governance over the Party.


2. More Efficiency in Exercising Public Rights

Promote the One-Time Visit reform, regulate the construction of programs invested in by the government, innovate supervision systems in key fields, and improve supervision systems in public funds and resources.


3. Cultivation of Loyal, Upstanding, and Responsible Yiwu “Iron Soldiers”

Provide correct guidance in selecting and recruiting people; place Party discipline at the forefront; improve the conduct of officials at all levels, regulate the “five dont’s” for officials; focus on oversights over the “key few,” especially the top leaders; insist on the harsh punishment for officials convicted of corruption; and establish a new and clean government-businessman relationship.


4. Modernization of Yiwu’s Management System

Facilitate the construction of corruption-free Party organizations, villages, hospitals, schools, enterprises, and markets, as well as grass-roots departments and offices.


5. Social Environment Based on Rectitude and Zero Tolerance for Corruption

Advocate for family education and preserve family traditions; carry forward the construction of the credit system; educate the public about rectitude and guide the people in taking an active role in the fight against corruption. (Pictures by Guo Jianzheng, words by Li Shuangshuang, translated by Sun Yin, edited by Xiamara Hohman)

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