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CAIEE Reports on Online Course
Post Time: 08/10/2018


Computer Applications in Engineering Education (CAIEE), an esteemed international journal of engineering education, has given a detailed report on “Principles of Chemical Engineering,” the open online course of Zhejiang Normal University (ZNU). 

“Principles of Chemical Engineering” is the core course for chemistry and chemical engineering majors, and is designed by a teaching team of ZNU. The course is suitable for several majors, including chemistry education, applied chemistry, materials engineering, and non-chemical engineering. It contains 101 micro-videos about knowledge points to systematically introduce the basic principles, process calculations, and structure, design, and operation of chemical equipment in the chemical production process. 

Via big data from the platform of open online courses, teachers can easily and quickly find out their students’ learning progress, grades, and notes, achieving a fair and quantitative evaluation of the students’ performance. In addition, according to the mistakes in homework and tests collected by the platform, teachers can accurately analyze the students’ understanding levels so as to carry out targeted teaching in class. 

CAIEE is a well-known international journal of engineering education, included in the Science Citation Index (SCI). The journal mainly publishes innovative research papers on the application of computers, the Internet, and software tools in engineering education. (By Yang Dong, translated by Pan Yinghua, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


Research article link to CAIEE:


Link to the course:


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