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Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair Opens
Post Time: 21/11/2018


On the morning of November 13, the Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair (YICF)/(Autumn Fair), which will last for more than two months, opened at the West Square of the Imported Commodities Mall, in District 5 of Yiwu International Trade City. Bringing tens of thousands of commodities, 420 enterprises from 50 countries and regions gathered in Yiwu, enabling the people of Yiwu to buy authentic and varied imported commodities without going abroad.

In recent years, while faithfully helping Chinese small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) enter the international market, Yiwu has been actively engaged in the promotion of import trade: it has built the China Imported Commodities Mall, the largest sales platform for imported commodities in China, and has held the Yiwu Imported Commodities Fair for four consecutive years.

In addition, in order to build a convenient channel for global SMEs to enter the Chinese market, and to help them utilize the platform provided by Yiwu to carry out high-volume trade, Yiwu has formulated a plan called “Global Consumer Goods into Yiwu.” Among the 420 enterprises participating in the YICF, most of them also participated in the first China International Import Expo (CIIE), coming to Yiwu directly from Shanghai after the end of the CIIE.

The YICF will exhibit over 10,000 kinds of products, including handicrafts, household items, cosmetics, maternal and child supplies, alcohol, food, and other daily necessities. Opening on November 13, 2018, the fair will close on January 15, 2019.

Among international participants, the number of exhibitors from Malaysia is the largest. Guo Jifu, head of the Yiwu–Malaysian Purchaser Service Center, remarked that there are more than 30 exhibitors from Malaysia, mainly selling Malaysian specialty products like edible bird’s nests, white coffee, and durian.

In addition to encouraging local enterprises to participate in the fair, Malaysia also organized an economic and trade group led by Wen Youzhi, director of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation, to negotiate business cooperation. At the meeting held on November 12, the Malaysian economic and trade group proposed 66 cooperation projects and signed contracts valued at more than 7 million RMB.

In order to ensure the smooth operation of the YICF, Yiwu has provided a full range of services, including customs clearance, logistics, booth construction, and landing reception. During the fair, Yiwu will also hold a series of business activities to fully assist exhibitors in entering the Chinese market.

Wang Jian, deputy mayor and acting mayor of Yiwu, said, “We will carefully carry out all the work of the fair, provide the most convenient and optimal services for all exhibitors, help the global consumer goods enter Yiwu more conveniently, and then sell it to China and other parts of the world through Yiwu, which can contribute to Yiwu’s construction of a world-level ‘small commodities city,’ and accelerate the construction of an innovative, inclusive, and open world economy.” (By He Bailin, translated by Shen Yingying, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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