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Top Manufacturers Gather in Yiwu
Post Time: 03/12/2018


From November 29 to December 1, the China–Yiwu International Intelligent Manufacturing Equipment Expo (IIMEE) was held in Yiwu. Outstanding manufacturers gathered in Yiwu to embrace the innovative integration of Internet and manufacturing equipment.

Thanks to the Internet of Things, nowadays takeaway food has become an important part of people’s lives—and takeaway food must have a container. Zhejiang Golden Eagle Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of such plastic packaging.

Golden Eagle Plastics, which exhibits in the IIMEE almost every year, ran four booths as usual. On display in the exhibition area was the high-speed injection molding machine that was developed last year. “There are many injection molding machines available in the market, but our machine can produce more than 200 plastic spoons in one minute, while most of other machines can only make 100 spoons,” Yue Feike, the business manager, stated. On the morning of the first day of the expo, Yue was so surrounded by buyers that he was too busy to take a sip of water. By the second day, the company had received more than 10 orders, including orders from Africa and Central Asia.

Laser, dubbed “the fastest knife,” is a remarkable invention to follow the nuclear energy, computers, and semiconductors of the twentieth century. Han’s Laser Technology Industry Group Co., Ltd., one of the leading companies in laser equipment, is participating in the expo for their fourth year. The 110-square-meter personalized booth is equipped with the newly developed semiconductor laser welding machine and laser marking machine, catching the eyes of many buyers.

Han’s Laser Tech, a public company established in 1996, has now became the flagship of the national Chinese laser industry and a world-famous laser equipment manufacturer. “We are fully prepared for this show. This morning, some customers are already interested. I would say the equipment expo surprises us every year,” said Chen Guohui, manager of Han’s Laser Tech.

For enterprises, data accumulated over years of business is a great treasure. In the era of data, finding a solution to manage massive amounts of data has become an urgent problem for enterprises. Lenovo Group, which participated in IIMEE for the first time, brought the Lenovo Cloud.

Wen Zhenxiu, the account manager of the Cloud Storage Service Unit of the Zhejiang Division of Lenovo Group, said that the product exhibited is able to support many people working online simultaneously and connect to the Cloud seamlessly. “This product is still in the promotion stage. Here we not only have buyers from all over the world; the other exhibitors are our potential customers as well. I have to say, even though it is our first time, the results are exceeding our expectations. In less than an hour, we have received four or five orders,” said Wen. “We have also made a deal with a local Yiwu company to develop a customized data-sharing platform.” (By Wang Ting, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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