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First “Smart Court” Base in Jinhua
Post Time: 14/12/2018


On the morning of December 6, directors from the Judicial Big Data Research Institute, Judicial Channel of Sina Corporation signed an agreement with Tang Haiqing, president of the Intermediate People’s Courts of Jinhua, to launch China’s first smart court base in Jinhua.

In recent years, with the growing judicial needs of the people, the Intermediate People’s Courts of Jinhua has promoted the idea of smart court: improving the court process by modern technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence, in order to strengthen the interconnection of information, help the judges, increase efficiency, and better serve the people. After thorough research, the Intermediate People’s Courts of Jinhua’s application was approved for the big-data-based support system; namely, “smart court.”

On the afternoon of September 17, a civil case opened at the Intermediate People’s Courts of Jinhua. As Judge Fan Ji gave an order, the special intelligent terminal in the court was activated by his voice. It has audio and video recording and voice recognition functions, to name just a few. Before trial, the terminal is able to accomplish identity authentication via face recognition.

During the trial, the technology can display explanations of legal terminology for any party that may lack legal knowledge; show the evidence and controversial points simultaneously; and convert voice messages into transcript automatically so that the party can easily mark any parts they want to ask questions about.

After the trial, the entire process is recorded by the terminal and kept as a readable and traceable digital transcript. Any part of the trial can be checked anytime.

 “It is very convenient, very efficient, and very easy to operate. I feel like I’m playing with my iPad!” praised Judge Fan. The new system has many interactive functions. For example, when a party presents new evidence in court, it will be scanned within two seconds and is available on the screen instantly.

Lawyer Liu, one of the attorneys on the opening day of the technology, believes that the new system is very functional and friendly. He can underline the text and make notes directly on the screen, which makes it far more convenient.

Mr. Chen, a party to the case, also spoke highly of the technology. “Usually laypeople only know a little bit about law, let alone the judicial process and the things to be done in court. Thanks to this new technology, we are much clearer about what we should do. Now we are not panicked when facing a lawsuit,” said Chen. (By Zhang Liming, translated by Li Ziyi, edited by Kendra Fiddler)


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