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Focus of Jinhua Government in 2019
Post Time: 05/03/2019


Jinhua City’s major goals in 2019 are: 1) to reach an annual GDP growth of 6.5%; 2) to realize a roughly synchronal development between Jinhua’s economic growth, general budget revenue increase, and citizens’ income; 3) to steadily improve labor productivity; 4) to reduce emissions and save energy in order to accomplish the Green goals set by Zhejiang Province. 


High-Quality Development

A good and healthy business environment should be created. The government aims to ease enterprises’ burdens by 15 billion RMB, add new loans worth 60 bn RMB, raise 30 bn RMB in direct financing, and reduce the non-performing loan ratio to below 1.5%.


High-Start Revolution

Over 60% of government services should be available to citizens on the internet, and with their identity cards, more than 70% of civic issues should be solved easily. The “Standard Land” reform will be consistently promoted, and the use of over 80% of new industrial lands will be regulated according to “Standard Land” standards. The government will also cover a wider range of lands, build 220,000 mu (146.7 km2) of high-standard agricultural lands, and make 12,000  mu (8 km2) farmland. 


High-Level Openness

A merchant office will be headquartered in Shanghai to promote cooperation between Jinhua and the Hongqiao and Songjiang Districts. Additionally, a national trade reform experimental zone will be established to explore new ways of exporting goods through the combination of purchasing in markets and cross-border e-commerce. There will be more than ten new China Railway Express (CRE) routes, and the CRE trains will run over 500 times, which will promote the development of stops along the Belt and Road route, including the Czech Republic, France, a number of locations in Africa, and Czech Town in Yiwu.


Highly Connected City

In 2019, the Jinhua-Taizhou railway will be constructed at a faster pace, and the Hangzhou-Wenzhou Railway, Jinhua-Ningbo Railway, and Jinhua-Jiande Railway will all commence construction. Greater importance will be laid upon the construction of significant sections within Jinhua City such as the Old City, which will be built into a 4A scenic spot.  


High-Standard Ecology

Modern agriculture should develop further in 2019, and there will be over 10,000  mu (6.7 km2) of lands used for cultivation of Green agricultural products. Agricultural machines will be used widely in the fields. Also, there will be six new demonstration fields, and protected agriculture fields will cover 10,000  mu (6.7 km2). Additionally, ten more towns will be constructed into “Model Towns,” including 280 villages reaching the “A” standard in the Zhejiang Province. More roads will be constructed in the villages, covering a distance of over 1000 km. Aside from these, there will be more than ten tour routes by which tourists can visit the villages.  


High-Quality Life

Over 80,000 new jobs should be created in the city, and the unemployment rate should be lessened to below 3.5%. An education center will be established in the western part of the mid-Zhejiang area, where the coverage of compulsory education should reach 96%. Additionally, a medical center, a nursing center, and a cultural and sports center will all be set up in that area.


High-Efficiency Governing

Within the government, officials’ knowledge and innovation should improve. A greater emphasis will be laid upon civic matters, and more capital will be put into civic areas. In addition, the administrative examination and approval procedure will be simplified to serve residents better. There will be fewer and shorter meetings and documents in order to reduce paper work. Lastly, the government and its officials will develop a stronger sense of laws and thoroughly learn the relevant legislation. (Translated by Sun Yin, edited by Kendra Fiddler)

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